Photo:  Barbara FG

Photo: Barbara FG

JXN ART began in fall of 2014 when I brought the camera I inherited from my brother (R.I.P. Frank ♥) to a beginners photo class at the University of Texas. There I learned the basics of DSLR operation, composition, and proper photo practices. Shortly after, upon realizing my newfound interest in makeup, I started working at MAC cosmetics as a cashier. After countless hours of watching the extremely talented artists paint faces, and after asking a million questions, I slowly gained confidence in my own abilities. I started crafting my own shoots (with the help of my very patient friends), where I would create a makeup look, put together a costume, grab the camera, and let the right brain take over! Just a couple years and countless brushstrokes/photos later, here we are. I am now a freelance artist specializing in both studio photography (editorial, fashion, fine art, & portrait) and makeup (avant-garde, film, and fashion). 

The JXN ART studio is located in Central Austin. 

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